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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

To procrastinate, or not to procrastinate, that is the question....

Well, I have finally gotten my act together and categorised all the new and sparkly things that arrived a couple of weeks ago. A procrastinator I hear you say? Well yes, just a little *blush*, but I am now on top of that side of things and it's about time to get into designing some more lovely items.

Have also been thinking further down the track about some other areas that I would like to venture into. Keeping it all hush hush at the moment, but am trying to go for a broad range of things.

On a different note, I have had a proud mummy moment today, my darling little 14 month old man took his first steps today (without the help of a walker). Soon I will be cursing his mobility, but for the moment, I am one proud mama.

Best be off, have a custom order that I need to think of designs for.

Take care

Sam xx

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  1. Another procrastinator here, so happy to hear about first steps xx